Biggest Achievement

By | February 16, 2024

Every one in this world is born with ambition. Everyone has his own expectaions and goals in their life based on which they consider what they achieved in their life.

One day, I was attending a training and the trainer, Venket, asked a question from the class… 
What is the biggest achievement in your life?

He got a lot of answers… A lot of stories….

Everyone was answering this question with their own feelings and set of minds.

After a while Venket asked, “Would that achievement be possible if you would not have born in this world?” 
The answer was “No”.

He asked again, “Would that achievement be possible if your mother did not took care of your self when you were too small to even cry?” 
The answer was again “No”.

He again asked, “If the hospital nurse would not have cared for you in those days, could you achieve whatever you consider as your achievement?” 
Again the silence and the answer was “No”.

Whatever you consider as your biggest achievement, your biggest achievement is something else in reality. Be thankful to all the entities in the world because of which you are able to achieve your biggest achievement.